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Survey Says…Whatever You Want it to Say


Whenever I hear the word “survey,” because I’ve watched too much Game Show Network, my mind immediately goes to Family Feud. Whether it’s the voice of Richard “Lips” Dawson, the consummate pro Ray Combs, the goofy Louie Anderson, the disappointingly flannel-less Richard Karn, John “Peterman” O’Hurley, or Miss Colombia’s boy Steve Harvey, I’m sure we can all hear the words “survey says!” in our heads. Sometimes I wonder, “Who’s taking all these pointless surveys?”, and then the very next second wish I would be asked to participate in one of them. I could totally name something people shop for at the mall or a color that ends in “urple.”* If any of you out there are fellow wannabe survey takers, boy do I have a treat for you.

Library administration is currently preparing BPL’s 2016-2020 long-range plan and is seeking feedback from the community, which we are gathering through, you guessed it, a survey. While completing it won’t lead you to the glory that comes with having your answers appear anonymously on a game show, you can take pride in the fact that your input will help us improve our library, which of course ultimately helps you and is a much more noble pursuit than providing fodder for a meaningless competition between two mindlessly clapping (why are they always clapping?) families. If pride and self-satisfaction don’t do it for you, you’ll be pleased to know we’re offering those who complete a survey the opportunity to enter a prize drawing in which three winners will be selected. Winners will receive a Kindle Fire or a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card. Beat that, Family Feud surveyors.

Those who wish to complete a survey may do so by clicking here, or by picking up a physical copy at the library. To enter the drawing, print the e-mail receipt from the electronic survey or bring the completed print survey in a sealed envelope to the library to receive a drawing ticket. Those who enter must provide contact information.

Surveys may be turned in until the last day of March, and the prize drawing will be held in the first week of April 2016. You don’t have to be present to win, though if you want to show up and shout “survey says!” before each drawing, we will wholeheartedly welcome you.

*Forgive me for mixing game show joke references.

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