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PSA: Update Those Kindles!


Download the latest Kindle software update by March 22, or else!

eBooks have many advantages over print books. You can fit hundreds of them on a single book-shaped device, change their font size to optimal eye friendliness, and, for the pants-averse, download them instantly without leaving the comfort of your home. While their electronic nature is the key to their edges, it also makes them subject to some pesky annoyances that aren’t present with their ink and paper peers. Namely, the devices on which we read them occasionally need some maintenance.

Amazon has announced that many of its Kindle eReaders require a “critical” software update by March 22. While the devices won’t self-destruct without the update, they might as well; failure to update will keep users from downloading Kindle books from the cloud, accessing the Kindle Store, and using “other Kindle services,” which is vague and scary. If you own a Kindle model released in 2012 or earlier and have not yet updated, it would be a good idea to check out this page for full deets, including which devices are affected and which software version you need, on the update:

Kindle Software Update

There’s a possibility that if you’ve connected to Wi-Fi on your Kindle within the past few months, you downloaded the update without even being aware of it. When I went to update my Kindle Keyboard, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was already running the required software version. Still, better to take a minute to check now than to potentially be greeted with an error message when you try to use your device later this month.

The good news is even if you miss the March 22 “deadline,” you can still install the update. The bad news is you’ll have to do so manually with a USB cable, which we all know is for suckers. Act now to take care of business wire-free and continue on with your merry e-existence.

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