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The Library Soups Up Its Safety


We hope you never find yourself in distress like our friend Billy here during your library visits, but if you do, we’ve got you covered.

BPL just got a whole lot safer.

We didn’t hire Batman, build a moat around the building, and/or round the corners on all the books, though those first two things would be trés cool.* Our souped-up safety isn’t anything so flashy. In fact, the change isn’t visible to the naked or even clothed eye. The members of our staff may still look like the mild-mannered library workers you’ve come to know and love, but they’ve recently been transformed into card-carrying life savers.

Earlier this week, two fabulous instructors from the Benbrook YMCA came out and provided CPR training for ten BPL employees, including yours truly. We learned the finer points of chest compressions, rescue breathing, safely repositioning the unconscious, tending to choking victims, and other skills. After running through numerous practice scenarios with Billy, our training dummy, and passing a written exam, we went from CPR dummies to certifiably competent CPR providers. I would say cue the “How to Save a Life” if Grey’s Anatomy hadn’t coopted it and sucked away any coolness it may have had.

So, while calling us “life savers” may be a bit hyperbolic, the vast majority of library staff members are now at least equipped with the necessary knowledge to provide crucial aid should an emergency situation arise, and we hope that’s comforting to our patrons. We of course also hope we never have to use our new skills, but we’ll be on the ready in case we do. With our staff versed in the life-saving arts and our being located literally across the street from a police station, we’ve gotta be one of the safest moatless, non-Gotham libraries around.


*“Trés cool” as in “very cool,” not this guy.

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