Benbrook Library / Musings

Fun With Couplets



April means Poetry Month is now here,

So it’s time to play amateur Shakespeare.


Haikus and limericks I’ve already done,

And now I’m attempting some couplet fun.


Poetry’s not all that April’s about;

Other themes abound, which I will point out:


It’s Astronomy Month, so look to the sky

To see things loved by that deGrasse Tyson guy.


If you like laughing, then walk right this way.

Be amused by our Humor Month display.


If you’ve a mate, show them your elation;

April means Couple Appreciation.


The month’s second week is the best of all;

It’s Library Week, so come see us, y’all.


Not to laud us, but to enlist our aid,

‘Cuz helping you is the point of our trade.

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