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Wishing You a Good May and Good Mental Health

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. If you don’t believe me, check out this potent proclamation from the POTUS. It’s a time to facilitate education on mental health issues and work to actively improve the lives of the millions of Americans with mental health disorders. I’m no expert on this topic, but like any librarian worth his cardigan*, I can direct you toward expert information. Here’s a Mental Health America-produced infographic, which, while technically made for last year’s National Mental Health Awareness Month, still drops some worthwhile knowledge:

InfographicToo small to read? View the original image here.


If you’d like some further education, the library has you covered. We’re currently hosting “Madness in America,” a traveling exhibit that provides an overview of the history of mental health in the United States. The six-panel exhibit, which was put together by the good people at the Museum of Disability History, covers the changes in mental health care, treatment, institutions, general philosophy, and perceptions over the years. It is free to view any time the library is open from now until May 27. Get in the spirit of the month and come take a look-see.


“Madness in America” is here all month for your edification and viewing pleasure


*I’m not even a cardigan owner, but I do admire them (“them” being cardigans and those who own them).

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