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Summer is Coming


Summer is coming. I don’t mean that generally or vaguely like the Starks do when they say winter is coming, or dishonestly like George R. R. Martin does when he says he’s going to publish another book; summer, as far as library land is concerned, will literally be here in three weeks, and it is *literally* the best time of the year. As most library lovers know, summertime = Summer Reading, which means for eight days a week crazy nights marvelous weeks, the library will become a pint-sized paradise as we offer up reading incentives and programming to keep kids engaged, enriched, and entertained all through the summer days as they drift away (but uh-oh, those summer nights will be up to you).

We just finalized our official Summer Reading schedule and are eager to share it with you so you can start planning your lives around it now. Click here to see a snazzy booklet we put together to be your guide to all the fun and, almost as importantly, free stuff we have in store for you and your kiddos. You’ll find descriptions, dates, times, and age specifications for all of our children’s activities and details on our various reading programs, including a teaser for our new adult reading game for Summer 2016, “Wheel of Reading.”

Whether you’re a serious Neddy, a fun-loving Robert, or a Hodorly Hodorish Hodor, rejoice, because summer is coming, and that’s way better than any winter, literal or metaphorical.

One thought on “Summer is Coming

  1. Can’t wait for summer reading, but this picture is what drew me in. hail, 40 degrees and snow today…hopefully summer is coming

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