Benbrook Library / Library services

See (and Print) Double at the Library


The next time you visit the library, you might find you have a hankering for some Doublemint Gum. In a move that is sure to double the pleasure and fun of our community’s makers, we’ve added a second PolyPrinter to our stable of three-dimensional printing contraptions. While I’d like to tell you we 3D printed our new printer into existence, the much more boring truth is that it was delivered fully assembled by a stork man.

The addition of the new Poly means the library is now truly polyprinterous. The two PolyPrinters reside in our main MakerSpace area behind the Information Desk, and the MakerBot has moved to our Teen Room, where it will surely be used to make busts of Vanilla Ice, or whatever teenagers these days think is hip. Having two superiorly performing printers in our space should alleviate wait times for our ever-increasing number of new and returning users. We’re hoping you’ll have our twin Polys making sweet music* together all summer long and beyond.

If you haven’t yet delved into 3D printing and would like to learn more about it, click here to view our brochure, or stop by the library to learn the ins and outs from one of our staff members. We encourage you to walk, drive, or tandem bike over here to give it a try.


*Our new PolyPrinter produces a lower pitched sound while printing than the fairly high pitched whir of Poly the First, so we really could have the sounds of a “dad guitar” and “mom guitar” working in harmony.

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