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Spin Our Wheel, Not Yours This Summer

Wheel Display

When you’re spinning your wheels, you’re said to be taking action and putting in effort while failing to actually get anywhere or accomplish anything. It’s work with no payoff. This summer, I encourage you not to spin your own wheels, but to do something productive and spin the library’s wheels, or rather its singular wheel…of reading!

Wheel of Reading is our spankin’ new adult summer reading game for Summer 2016. It resembles a long-running game show hosted by a guy whose name rhymes with Cat Wajak. Our game features a wheel that, while not as large as the massive one on TV, is still plenty fun to spin. Rather than featuring dollar amounts, most of the spaces task you with reading a particular type or genre of book, while others straight up give you free coupons to local businesses.* Once you’re done expanding your reading horizons with your wheel-assigned book, you get an entry into a prize drawing for one of three fabulous prizes, including a Kindle Fire tablet.

While wheel spinning is pretty great all on its own**, no Wheel of Fortune ripo…err, homage would be complete without puzzles to solve. Each time you complete a book, you have the chance to guess a letter and try to solve reading-themed puzzles with categories like Book Title, Author, Literary Character, Book Title Before and After, and more. Here’s a little taste:

Puzzle 1

Do you have the puzzle-solving chops to figure this one out?

Correctly guessing letters and solving puzzles earns you even more drawing entries for the big prizes, plus a local business coupon.

Clearly, spinning our wheel is well worth your time. Even if you miss out on the big prizes, you’ll still receive the gifts of varied reading, puzzle-solving action, and of course, the somewhat inexplicable satisfaction of spinning something. For full details on Wheel of Reading, click here. For info on our massively popular and undeniably awesome children’s summer reading programming, click here.


*Big thanks to Chick-fil-A, Buffalo West, the Benbrook YMCA, Taco Casa, McDonald’s, Q Speed Car Wash, and Rahr and Sons Brewing Company for donating prizes!

**Kids seem to be drawn to wheel and spin solely for the sheer joy of it.

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