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I’m a big fan of John Green and his books. I guess technically, I’m merely a fan of his books, as I’ve never actually met the man.

But I could have.

Back in the spring of 2012, I was attending my first Texas Library Association (TLA) Annual Conference in Houston, and Green’s smash hit The Fault in Our Stars had just been published. As a hot (in terms of popularity, though I suppose he’s not bad to look at) author, he was at TLA for a book signing. At the time of the signing, I hovered around the line, debating whether or not to join it. Three things kept me from hopping in: 1) the line was kinda long, 2) I would’ve been pretty much the only guy in a queue of teenage girls, and 3) I was too cheap to buy a copy of a book I really wanted to read and would’ve enjoyed owning a signed copy of forever. In retrospect, none of these reasons justified missing out on a chance to meet an author I admire. I received an almost immediate shot at redemption later that day when I saw Johnny Boy walking down the street* outside of the convention center, but if I couldn’t bring myself to talk to the guy when he was actively receiving fans at a formal event, there was no way I was going to muster the nerve to approach him and risk annoying him while he was trying to go about his regular life. He eventually turned one way, I turned another, and so closed the book on two squandered golden opportunities to interact with one of my favorite authors. I immediately had major ragrets.

The library is now offering you some similarly golden opportunities to meet superstar authors, and I strongly advise you not to repeat my mistake. Our Benbrook Booked series is bringing big time authors to the library from August through November to speak, answer questions, sign copies of their books, and radiate awesomeness for you to soak up. We’re kicking things off on Saturday, August 20 at 2 PM with Taylor Stevens, a Dallas-based, New York Times best-selling author with a personal history that’s just as fascinating and enthralling as her novels. From her youth spent in an apocalyptic cult to her highly-acclaimed series of thrillers about a mercenary information hunter, Taylor is someone you’ll definitely want to hear and meet.

Here’s the full Benbrook Booked schedule:

Saturday, August 20, 2 PM: Taylor Stevens

Saturday, September 17, 11 AM: Janee Trasler

Saturday, October 29, 2 PM: Rosemary Clement-Moore

Saturday, November 12, 2 PM: Julia Heaberlin

Chances to meet great authors don’t come along every day, and when they do, you should seize them. Trust me, ragrets are no fun.


*Had this happened a few years later, my brother would’ve taken great joy in busting my chops about the whole thing. Earlier this year, I robbed him of a chance to meet Dallas Stars all-star center Tyler Seguin at a Dallas Mavericks game. He was sure he had seen Seguin on the concourse of the arena and wanted to get a picture with him, but I dismissed my brother with the suspect logic that someone of Seguin’s level of celebrity wouldn’t be just be out walking around (I don’t know how I think celebrities get places. Maybe through some secret network of underground VIP tunnels?). Later on, we were almost certain that the person he had seen was in fact Tyler Seguin, and I felt bad for doubting him. Now, any time we or one our friends mentions seeing a celebrity somewhere, the rest of us sarcastically say, “No way, that person doesn’t just walk around.”

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