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A New Way To Renew


Positive feedback is always good, but it’s extra satisfying when it’s of the totally unsolicited variety. This past Saturday afternoon, a pleased patron called the library just to tell us that she really loves our new(ish) auto-renew feature and to thank us for implementing it. She of course didn’t have to do this; she could’ve kept her satisfaction to herself or waited until she came in to share her joy with us. The fact that she went out of her way to call us with kudos made my day, and I’m pretty sure I was grinning like an idiot throughout the call.

The past few months, you may have noticed your checked out library items seemingly magically renewing themselves. Like our complimentary caller, maybe you thought someone else was logging in to your account and generously renewing your books and movies for you. Maybe you suspected ghosts. Whatever you may have thought, the perhaps less-exciting-yet-still-great-just-the-same truth is that our ILS (Integrated Library System, but just think of it as “computer system”) now automatically renews checked out items on their due dates, provided:

-There aren’t any requests for the items by other library patrons

-The items have renewals remaining (almost all Benbrook items have one renewal, while items owned by some of our partner libraries may have more)

-You don’t have any overdue items or fines on your account in excess of $5.00

As long as these criteria are met, you’ll get a full loan period (that’s three weeks for Benbrook books and one week for Benbrook DVDs, but our partner libraries’ loan periods sometimes differ) added onto the original due date, and you don’t have to lift a finger to make it happen. No more calling the library or making extra clicks on your online account; just sit back and let automation do your dirty work like a true 21st century person of leisure.

How will you know if your items have been auto-renewed? If your account is set up to receive e-mail notifications, you’ll be e-mailed a few days before your items’ due date with a list of items that are almost due, as well as which items will be auto-renewed and which ones will not be able to be renewed. If you don’t receive e-mail notifications from us but would like to, you can activate them by logging in to your library account, going to “My Record,” clicking “Contact Information & Preferences,” and updating your preferences. The screen looks like this:


You can of course always check on the status of your items by logging in to your library account and going to “Items Out.” If you ever have questions about whether or not an item renewed or are unsure why something didn’t renew, give us a call at 817-249-6632 or contact us here. You’re still welcome to call us to renew your items if you prefer the human touch, but we won’t be offended if you opt to go the magic robot route.

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