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Voter Registration Made (Way) Easy


As you know and likely know all too well, there’s a ton of time-sucking nonsense you can do with your phone. Sure, there’s some worthwhile stuff to be done too, like using your favorite library on the go, but frivolity mostly reigns in our pocket worlds that we’re increasingly reluctant to leave. If we won’t step away for the important stuff, the important stuff has to be brought to us, and fortunately this election season, there’s an organization doing just that by making prepping for one of the most essential actions of the citizenry as effortless as texting with your bestie.

HelloVote is a service that enables you to register to vote by texting with a chat bot. Texting “HELLO” to 384-387 initiates the process, which involves simply responding to requests for basic personal information sent to you by the bot. Here’s HelloVote’s video on how it works:


Just like that, you can enable yourself to do your civic duty, and you don’t even have to leave the comforting glow of your handheld universe to make it happen. Well, you do have to eventually sign a form and put it in the mail, which I know totally smacks of effort, man, but the HelloVote people do send you the completed form and a stamped envelope, so all you really have to do is scrawl your name on a piece of paper and toss it in a mail receptacle (or, for the true effort minimalists, put it in your mailbox and raise that little flag).

If you’re not registered to vote, either because you’ve been putting it off or were unsure of how to do it, the quickness and simplicity of HelloVote has removed most of the barriers that may have been holding you back. Registering can’t get much easier than this, until the day we inevitably are all given Idiocracy-style barcode tattoos and we can fully register by scanning our arms with our phones.

If you find something off-putting about registering to vote via text or otherwise prefer to register the old fashioned way, we have paper voter registration applications available at the library. To find other registration options, click here. However you choose to do it, you must have your form in the mail by October 11 in order to be eligible to participate in the November 8 election. To find election information for Tarrant County, including where to vote (early or on election day), click here.

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