Benbrook Library / Exhibits

Exercise Your Right to Know Your Rights


As a citizen of this country, you have many rights. Sadly, despite what the Beastie Boys have told you, the right to party is not officially one of them, though I suppose that’s why they said you have to fight for it. Fortunately, the Bill of Rights grants you plenty of rights that are official, and almost as exciting.

In honor of election season, a time when issues relating to these rights are at the forefront of our lives and minds, the library is hosting the traveling exhibit “The Bill of Rights.” The exhibit, which was produced by the Pennsylvania Humanities Council and organized by Humanities Texas, features twelve panels that detail the first ten amendments (plus some bonus amendments) and contain photographic and written examples of practical applications of those amendments. It is free to view anytime the library is open between today and November 14. Whether you lean left or right, it won’t hurt you to heed what I write and head over here forthright to brush up on your rights, am I right?

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