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Vudu: A Premium Sidekick


So far, reception has been positive for our Roku Streaming Sticks, which are collectively just one of our new circulating tech goodies available for you to take home (or wherever) and enjoy. While the Rokus are loaded with 19 varied channels of entertainment, educational, and edutainment content, I’m gonna take a wild guess and say the majority of people use them as veritable Netflix machines. Netflix is indisputably great, and it deserves its spot as the A-1, slam dunk, killer app. That said, its greatness shouldn’t make you forget the other boys in the band.

One of those boys is Vudu, a streaming movie channel that’s a more-than-capable Garfunkel to Netflix’s Simon, an Oates to its Hall, a Ringo to its rest of the Beatles. Don’t let the sidekick designation fool you; Vudu delivers some premium goods. As of this writing, the library’s Vudu collection features 271 movies and a handful of TV shows, and those totals are steadily growing as we regularly acquire new content. Virtually everything available on Vudu is a big-name, Hollywood blockbuster-caliber title that was either highly popular in its day or is popular now in this current day, including brand new, just-out-of-the-digital-cellophane stuff. Much of the content on Vudu isn’t even available on the vaunted Netflix. Check out this screen shot of a sample of the collection:


Pretty legit, no? To see the full list of available titles, click here, then click “More Info” and read the list under “Other Title.” If you’re sufficiently tantalized and would like to get your hands on a Roku and all the sweet, sweet Vudu content nestled in its circuitry, click the “Place a Hold” button on the right side of the screen and enter your barcode/username and password (if you’ve never changed them, your username is the full barcode number listed on your card, and your password is the last four digits of that barcode number). There will be a short wait, as at the moment all the Rokus are checked out and there are a few folks already in the holds queue (like I said, reception has been positive), but once you have one, you’ll get three weeks of quality binging time.

Our Rokus and other circulating devices are limited to BPL cardholders 18 or older. Sorry, non-Benbrookites. The obvious solution for you is to just move here, already.

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