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Print Wirelessly at BPL


Printing with wires? Pshhh.

Wires are a pretty mixed bag. High-wire walking is thrilling, but also dangerous. The Wire is one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows ever. Mountain Dew LiveWire is gross, at least according to this jury of one.  To cats, all wires are good, which is very bad for their owners. When it comes to diffusing bombs, the red wire is bad and the blue wire is good…or the blue wire is bad and the red wire is good…or maybe the green wire is good…

Wired printing is kind of a drag. Sure, the act of printing itself is great, but the need to actually physically connect your device to a printer can really cramp your style. Especially in an age in which everyone carries around what is essentially a miniature wire-free computer in their pocket, purse, holster, or waist satchel, having to bow to increasingly antiquated-seeming wire constraints has become a bit frustrating and, to some, baffling. When patrons come to the library wanting to print a picture or document they have stored on their phone and I tell them they’ll have to e-mail the file to themselves so that they can then get on one of our desktop PCs to pull up the file and print it, some of them look at me like I’ve just asked them to do math with an abacus or operate a butter churn. They can put a man on the moon, but we library Luddites are telling you we can’t help you print your Michael Bolton concert tickets without making you sit down at a desktop computer. What’s the deal?

As part of our commitment to ABE (always be evolving), the library is now offering wireless printing. By downloading the free PrinterOn app to your phone or tablet, you can quickly and easily print photos, documents, and web content on the library’s printer, all without the added annoyance of being forced to use a PC like some kind of cave person. You also have the option to e-mail your file in or upload it through a web portal, both of which are good options for those needing to print from laptops in the library or those who are having issues with their home printer (e.g., it’s broken, you’re out of ink, you don’t want to pay for ink, you don’t have one, etc.) and want to print and pick up their files from us.

All wireless prints are retained in our queue for 24 hours and may be paid for (10 cents per black and white page, 25 cents per color page) at the print release station in the library. For full details about the process, click here.

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