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Make Studio Magic at the Library


If you’ve walked through or around the Teen Room in the library, you’ve probably seen the instruments hanging on the wall. While they sure are nice to look at, you’ll find that your enjoyment of them will skyrocket if you take them down and actually, like, play them. Feel free to plug one into our amp and jam out (with headphones, please; while we do want you to play, we can’t have you melting the faces of everyone in the library with wicked loud rock and/or roll). Or, if you want to immortalize your masterful compositions, we’ve got the means to let you lay down your licks, recording studio-style. By plugging a guitar or bass into a mixer and using GarageBand on our iMac, you can make multi-track recordings using both real instruments and GarageBand’s built-in software instruments. Here’s a quick little ditty I put together using a guitar and bass, plus two of our other available instruments, a keyboard and MIDI pad:

It’s nothing fancy, but it was made entirely with real musical equipment you can use for free at the library, and that’s prettay, prettay cool. Imagine the sweet tunes you could craft, from super simple to crazy complex, with a little bit of time, effort, and creativity.

While the guitars and other instruments reside in a space reserved for teens, anybody is allowed to use them during school hours. During non-school hours when the space may be crawling with teens, adults can still access the equipment by borrowing the library’s MacBook Pro, which also has GarageBand on it, and taking it and the instrument(s) of your choice to one of our conference rooms. It’s like being in your own makeshift studio (cowbell not included).

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