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A Loophole for Lines for New Books

If there’s one thing I beat into the ground around here, other than too-specific Simpsons references, it’s that libraries are muy bueno and you should use them to get free stuff. It’s some darn fine advice, and I stand by it, but it’s not always as easy as I make it sound. I’m not trying to bamboozle or flimflam you; the library flow chart at its most basic is get library card -> get free books -> love life. However, often, when it comes to getting brand new books, the flow chart is annoyingly modified to get library card -> wait -> and wait -> and wait… -> get free books -> love life. For instance, if I want to read The Girl Before, a bestselling thriller du jour, I couldn’t just waltz into the library and check it out; I would have to get on the hold list and wait, potentially for a while. As of this writing, there are 62 holds on The Girl Before, and even with 16 copies in our consortium to go around, that could very well still translate to 6 to 8 (or more) weeks of waiting before a copy becomes available. That’s a lot of waiting, and it would be easy to sit around and lament it like Tom Petty. Or, you could do something about it.

A few sentences ago, when I wrote that I couldn’t just waltz in and pick up The Girl Before, I wasn’t being entirely truthful (when will the lies stop?). BPL owns four Nook eReaders that contain popular and bestselling titles, including The Girl Before. And they’re all available to BPL cardholders to check out right now. You can pick one up this very afternoon and start reading TGB and other scorching hot titles, including J.D. Robb’s latest Eve Dallas novel, Echoes in Death, James Patterson’s current (by the time you read this, he probably will have released another one) bestseller, Never Never, and the Stephen King-approved thriller Behind Her Eyes, right away while others languish in hold list limbo. Beating long lines isn’t all our Nooks can do for you; with nearly 450 genre-diverse titles, including all upcoming BPL book club selections, there’s plenty on them to keep you busy for a while. It’s like getting hundreds of books in one, which is great for traveling light while still bringing along lots of reading material or for those times when you want to pick up several things to read but don’t want to sift through shelves and shelves of physical items to make selections.

For a list of everything currently available on our fiction Nooks, click here. We also have a couple of dedicated non-fiction Nooks, and you can see their contents here. For more general details about our available eReaders, click here.

Of course, I realize that while the Nooks are a great way to avoid long hold lists at the moment, should a bunch of savvy Benbrookites come in and scoop them up, they could eventually have a hold list of their own. I say snag one while the gettin’s good. Why make yourself number 63 when you can be number 1?

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