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This Year’s Tax Deadline Delayed (But Still Inevitable)

Procrastinators, rejoice: this year, because April 15 falls on a Saturday, and the observance of Emancipation Day falls on Monday the 17th, the deadline for filing your taxes isn’t until Tuesday, April 18. That means you get a luxurious three extra days to put this whole silly tax business out of your mind before you’re ultimately forced to feverishly will out a 1040 at the last second, wad it into a ball, and throw it through the Department of the Treasury doors as the clock strikes midnight.

In seriousness, as tedious and stress-inducing as it may be, you should probably get your taxes done comfortably before the deadline. While most of you have likely embraced eFiling, roughly five percent (though that figure is slowly shrinking) of folks are still kicking it old school with paper forms. If you’re one of the few remaining paper proponents, the library has you covered. While the IRS has dramatically scaled back on the types of forms it provides us in recent years, we still get the Big 3 1040s (the 1040, 1040 A, and 1040 EZ), and most importantly, the coveted instruction booklets for those three forms. In the likely event you need other forms, we’ll gladly print them for you at the cost of where Walter White threw this pizza.* Pick some up from us, fill them out, and send them in with time to spare. Or, take them home, put them in a pile, and don’t give them a second thought until April 18. Whichever, no judgment here.


*That’s my silly way of saying they’re free.

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