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The Library Makes a Move for Chess

There’s something about a chess board that really classes up a joint. Maybe it’s the elegant black and white color scheme. Maybe it’s the fact that it is commonly regarded as an intelligent person’s game (people who get out-strategized at something are often said to have been playing checkers while they’re opponents played chess). Whatever it is, our joint has been classed.*

The table that was just a table in the sitting area behind our Information Desk has been replaced by a table that is also a chess board, because why have something that’s just one thing when you can have something that’s two things, like a pen that’s also a clock? The board is adorned with weighted, tournament-style chess pieces and is available for use anytime the we’re open, so feel free to enjoy a game with a friend during your library visit, or find another chess-loving visitor to play with (please ask politely; don’t go around slapping people with gloves or anything). We’ve already had quite a few people, many of them kids, make use of it, and I’d like to think that just as children pretend to be their favorite athletes while playing sports, they’re pretending to be chess superstars like Gary Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, Susan Polgar and Deep Blue when they square off at our table. There’s also a checkers set available for use on the board if chess isn’t your game.

Our wonderful Friends of the Library generously donated the chess table, and we’re grateful to them for helping us stay classy.


*You can class up a joint, but you can’t necessarily class up a person in that joint who repeatedly uses variations of the phrase “class up the joint.”

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