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Use the Library With Confidence

Last week, my wife and I took a trip to San Diego, home of Ron Burgundy himself. The weather was perfect, the beaches were picturesque, and the panda population was nonzero, so while it would have been nice to stay indefinitely, we did eventually have to return to our boiling hot, panda-less home city. Being the kind of guy I am, the public library naturally played a part in facilitating our travels. Needing to print our boarding passes for our return flight, we visited the Coronado Public Library. I used their public computers to print, and we walked away satisfied library patrons.

As we were leaving, my wife remarked that I’m never more confident than when I’m in a library. In places of business or just out in the world at large, I tend to be hesitant and a bit wary, but in the library, that melts away, at least to a degree. This is of course partially because I spend half of my waking life at jolly old BPL; the library is my second home, so I’m naturally comfortable in it. The other factor, which is something that should inspire confidence in all library visitors both actual and potential, is the knowledge that the library exists solely to serve and help. You never have to worry about being sold to, falling victim to someone with ulterior motives, or being otherwise bamboozled* when you come to the library; the goals of the library staff members and the services they offer are always to provide things that will affect you positively, and the offerings are almost always free and never for profit. There’s no need for trepidation here.

This is not groundbreaking news, or even news, but my wife’s comment reminded me of another reason libraries are so great. Use them with confidence.


*Of course, if you use the Internet while in the library, you subject yourself to all kinds of nefarious things. This statement is mainly about the staff members and mission of the library.

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