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A Dog Walks Into a Library…

Shortly after the library opened Saturday morning, an unexpected visitor of the canine variety walked through our front doors. After a few seconds of observation, it became clear this pup was unaccompanied, and that she hadn’t stopped by to pick up the new John Grisham novel; she was lost. Job one was to wrangle her to prevent her from a) running back out into the streets or b) taking a full tour of the mostly carpeted library. Thankfully, she was figuratively pint-sized and literally about half gallon-sized, so I was able to pick her up. While going around holding a cute little dog all day or adopting her and enacting a live-in library dog scenario, a la Dewey, was tempting, the next responsible step was to try to reunite our furry fugitive with her owner.

Waiting for the owner to eat can after can of dog food to make their tears smell enough like dog food to make their dog come back is always a long shot proposition, but we fortunately didn’t have to resort to that, as the dog had a phone number listed on its tags. Our trusty librarian assistant called the number and spoke with the owner, who lived nearby and could make it to the library in a matter of minutes. I took the dog, whose tag identified her as Bella, to our staff restroom, which has a more forgiving tile floor, and waited with her there for her family to arrive. She seemed a little apprehensive, but was for the most part calm and warmed up to me quickly. Her owner arrived shortly, and a potential missing puppy crisis was averted.

We offer big thanks to the owner for being so responsive and, just as importantly, having her dog wear tags with contact info. Missing pet situations are no fun for anyone, but they can get much trickier when the animals don’t have tags and/or microchips. If you find yourself in need of dog (or cat, or ferret, or iguana…) tags, feel free to come make some customized ones with the library’s engraver. We can’t microchip your pets for you, but we can refer you to some great local vets who can. Whatever your preferred measures are, they’re worth it to ensure that your friendly neighborhood library staff and anyone else your precious pets may come across can help get them home successfully like our friend Bella.

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