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What’s in a Name? Digital Magazine Service Gets New Name, Still Free

Name changes take place for all kinds of reasons. Google changed its name from BackRub (yes, BackRub), ostensibly to keep from sounding ridiculous. Prince became an unpronounceable symbol in order to stick it to his record label. Former NFL player Chad Johnson took on the name Chad Ochocinco because he has the stereotypical diva wide receiver need for attention, and also because he doesn’t understand how Spanish works. While some moniker modifications come with truly significant changes for the renamed entity, many are simply cases of a different name for the same thing. As some guy once wrote, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Zinio for Libraries, everyone’s favorite free digital magazine service, has recently changed its name to RBdigital. Regardless of how you feel about which name is snazzier, the good news is that the service functions in exactly the same way: browse for free magazines -> download free magazines -> read free magazines. The major change for users is that you’ll (eventually) need to download a new app. Simply search your favorite app depository (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, etc.) for “rbdigital” and download the RBdigital app. Once it’s installed, you can log in with the same credentials (e-mail and password) you used for Zinio. All of the magazines you checked out through Zinio will still be on your account in the new app. You have until September 8 to make the switch, at which point the Zinio for Libraries app will no longer function.

While it’s admittedly a bit annoying to have to download a new app, it is a fairly quick and painless annoyance. At the end of the day, we’re left with a service through which magazines are free and plentiful, and that’s pretty sweet no matter what it’s called.

If you have a Benbrook Public Library Card and are new to the exciting world of free digital magazines through the library, click here for more information, including a list of available titles.

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