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C is for Cookie Decorating at the Library

Cookies are delicious. You don’t have to be a monster or a larcenous cereal bandit to know that. Cookies can also be beautiful, which we sometimes fail to recognize as we eagerly shovel their soothing sweetness into our mouths. At their best, cookies are supremely delicious AND beautiful, and nobody has perfected that glorious combo quite like Cookies Plz.

Cookies Plz is a Benbrook-based purveyor of expertly decorated, mouth-floodingly scrumptious custom cookies. You may have been fortunate enough to try one of their creations at an event at our library; we routinely order them, both because Cookies Plz will make them into whatever shapes we need, from books to bees to Harry Potter’s glasses, and because we want you (and selfishly, us, if there are any leftover) to experience their unparalleled yumminess.

On Thursday, September 7 at 6:30 PM, we’re once again calling on our good pal Cookies Plz, but this time the creative decorating will be done by you. Cookie Plz owner and CCO (Chief Cookie Officer) Jennifer will teach you how to decorate those delectable sugar cookies of hers. Attendees will get to decorate and take home (or scarf down before you reach the parking lot, whatever your bag is) four cookies.

Space in the class is limited, so call the library at 817-249-6632 to sign up and secure a spot. You’ll definitely want in on the action, because while plain cookies are tasty, I think you’ll find the borders of Flavor Town expand considerably when your sugary treat is decorated to look like a Lorax mustache.

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