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Trivia and Tacos: A Match Made in Heaven

Question: What are you doing the night of Wednesday, September 20?

A) Scroll. Eat. Scroll. TV. Scroll. Sleep.

B) Guarding your precious remaining drums of gasoline against fuel-crazed, Mad Maxian marauders.

C) The same thing you do every night – try to take over the world.

D) Dropping knowledge, feasting on tacos, and winning prizes in a free trivia competition.

Answer: D

The library is teaming up with 3 Parrots Taco Shop in Benbrook to bring you a fun evening of brain-quizzing questions and tremendously tasty tacos. Library staff members will be on location at 3 Parrots emceeing and serving up head scratchers like this one for free, while 3 Parrots will be serving up tacos, burritos, bowls, nachos, adult beverages, and more in exchange for very reasonable quantities of monies. Grab your friends and family and form a team of up to 8 players to compete in a multi-round trivia competition featuring questions on topics such as literature (of course), movies and TV, music, general knowledge, and more. The winning teams will receive fabulous prizes, and all will receive good times and the thrills of competition and scouring the depths of your brain for minutia.

We’ll kick things off at 7:30 PM and run until around 9. There’s no need to register in advance; simply show up the night of with your team (or form a team on the spot with strangers, if you’re feeling adventurous). 3 Parrots Taco Shop is located at 8737 Benbrook Boulevard.

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