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Smells Like Halloween Spirit

October is upon us, which means it’s time to cram yourself full of pre-Halloween Halloween candy (otherwise known as “candy”), bitterly curse the Texas weather that’s prohibiting you from enjoying sweater season, crank up The Monster Mash on repeat (assuming it is, in fact, seasonally appropriate), and, most importantly, indulge in some Halloween-y reading. Regular visitors to this space know that scary book readin’ is an October ritual of mine, and I contend it’s the best way to give yourself that Jack Skellington feeling (well, before he got burned out and got all into Christmas).

If you’re feeling festive, we’ve put together a display of recommended reading, complete with some clever Kayla-written descriptions, in the front of the library to get you in the spirit for ghosts and spirits. Once you’re good and (skull and) boned up on your horror literature, try these quizzes on classic horror book covers and spine-chilling opening lines. See if you can do better than my pedestrian 6 out of 10 on each quiz.

If quizzes and questions are your thing, particularly those of the Halloween variety, come out to 3 Parrots Taco Shop on Wednesday, October 25 at 7:30 PM for our Halloween-themed trivia night. It’s just one of the many ghoulishly fun events we have planned for October; check the image above or this here digital calendar to learn about all of them.

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