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A Very Friday the 13th Wednesday the 18th

Whether you treat Friday the 13th as an occasion to celebrate, have a genuine fear of it, or brazenly mock it by doing something has terrifyingly fate-tempting as taking Flight 666 to HEL, there’s no denying this particular Friday the 13th is a timely one, what with it being October, the month to indulge in superstition, spookiness, and specters.

Speaking of specters, this coming Wednesday, October 18 at 6:30 PM, ghost hunter and author Brandy Herr will visit the library to share tales, complete with audio and video evidence, about her experiences with ghost hunting and hauntings. She’ll also give background and inside information on her book, Haunted Granbury, and tell you how you can partake in the Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour to get a guided walk through history and paranormal phenomena.

So, bottle up all of your Friday the 13th excitement and fascination and bring it to BPL with you on Wednesday the 18th, a day that’s not exactly notorious, but one we’ll try to make memorable for you nonetheless.

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