Benbrook Library / Library services

Happy Novennber

Earlier this week, I received a call from a man who wanted to know if he needed a library card in order to sit in the library and read. I told him no, and that he was welcome to come on in and read all he wanted. It was a short, simple call, but it left me thinking. As amusing as I found the question, mostly because of the silly image it prompted of a library bouncer who checks your card at the door, I realize there are likely plenty of people out there who have legitimate questions about library services/activities and which ones require a library card. Inspired, I created the following Venn diagram, the first in a planned series of library- and literature-related diagrams we’ll be rolling out throughout this month, which I’m unofficially dubbing #Novennber:

Library Cards

If you have questions about any of the library services included in the diagram, feel free to comment, e-mail, or call at 817-249-6632.

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