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Fun With Removing One Letter From Book Titles

Originality is hard. With so many books already in existence, how can anybody be expected to come up with anything fresh? Luckily, many book titles are just one superfluous letter-ectomy away from becoming something completely (or at least kinda) different.

The following is a list of fake books and plots that are a product of having a single letter removed from their real titles. This schtick has been done before elsewhere on the Internet (just Google “book titles with one letter removed” or something similar and you’ll find multiple examples), but I looked at some other sites and avoided using any I found on them. If I’ve duplicated titles that have been done (like I said, originality is hard), my apologies. If there are some seemingly obvious ones I missed, it’s likely because someone else already did ’em.


-Fahrenheit 51 – A group of books must make a difficult decision about whether or not to go outside without their jackets.

-The Tree Musketeers – A trio of giant fightin’ trees, a la Lord of the Rings, goes on swashbuckling adventures in 17th century France.

-The Color Urple – A mockumentary-style, behind-the-scenes look at SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy universe, with heavy focus on Sean Connery’s antagonistic relationship with Alex Trebek.

-Ender’s Gam – A precocious boy meteorically rises through the ranks of a space-age military academy on the strength of his uncanny intelligence, scrappy fighting prowess, and a single, inexplicably feminine, mesmerizingly attractive leg.

-A Wrinkle in Tim – After noticing signs of aging on his formerly youthful face, a man named Tim frantically embarks on a midlife crisis filled with sports cars, awkward nights in the club, and frustratingly ineffective anti-wrinkle creams.

-Liver Twist – A trailblazing chef introduces a game-changing twist to liver dishes that somehow makes them not completely disgusting.

-Invisible Ma – Being a ghost doesn’t stop a single, working mom from landing the big account at work, designing the set for her daughter’s play, and pulling lighthearted pranks on her baffled neighbors.

-The Girl With the Drago Tattoo – A tough-as-nails, butt-kicking computer hacker strikes fear in the hearts of her enemies with her back-spanning tattoo of Rocky IV villain Ivan Drago.

-The Rod – A heroic, inanimate carbon rod saves a space mission from certain doom.

-Stranger in a Strang Land – A woman wakes up in a peculiar, wonderful place in which all inhabitants are Making a Murderer superhunk attorney Dean Strang.

-The Hack – A talentless television writer gets embarrassingly, undeservedly wealthy writing sitcoms for CBS.

-The Neverending Tory – A comically tall British conservative gets into a series of humorous, height-related mishaps, including shopping for a bed that will accommodate his abnormally long body, being lustily booed and pelted with blunt objects by everyone standing behind him at concerts, and attempting to drive a normal-size car.


Have some good titles of your own? Hit me with them in the comments.

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