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Tips for a Perfect Lawn, I Tell You What

With the surprise bursts of unseasonably cold weather becoming gradually less frequent, it seems it’s (almost) safe to fully embrace spring and all the sunny, outdoorsy things that come with it. One of those things is of course tending to your yard, garden, and the various flora you surround yourself with. If you’re the Hank Hill type, this is a glorious time of year during which you eagerly bust out your mower, pruning shears, and other trusty tools and gear up for months of Yard of the Month contention. If your priorities are more in line with Bobby Hill’s, however, spring can be rough, as the validity of the “hey, it’s winter” excuse for neglecting the yard is gone and you’re confronted with the necessity of giving it your reluctant attention.

Whether you have a green thumb or thumb your nose at yard work, we’d like to help you out. On Wednesday, April 25 at 6:30 PM, Kyle Kristynik from Russell Feed and Supply will visit the library to deliver a talk on lawn and garden care. He’ll dole out all sorts of useful information on general yard and garden upkeep, insect control, weed killing, summer preparation, and more, and will give you the tips you need to get your yard Hank Hill-approved. A portion of the event will be dedicated to Q & A, so be sure to come with questions.

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