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Whiskerful Thinking

This is the dream, though I would settle for just one. (Photo graciously borrowed from American Libraries Magazine)

When I went to my vet (shout-out to Benbrook Animal Doctors!) yesterday to pick up special cat food for my special, expensive cat, I had the pleasure of visiting with Ice, their resident feline who entertains customers and cavalierly walks all over the paperwork of employees who are trying to work. It’s always a giddying treat to come across a cat while out in the world, and I’m extremely pro-live-in cat in places of business, recreation, leisure, administration, and education (so everywhere).

Seeing Ice at the vet got me wishing that, like many a library, BPL would adopt a library cat to prowl the stacks, lovingly rub against patrons’ legs, run from one end of the building to the other at 3 AM for seemingly no reason, and sleep on my keyboard (but only when I’m using it). It likely won’t happen, but that didn’t stop me from wistfully brainstorming potential literary- and library-inspired names for my hypothetical kitty:

James Catterson

Margaret Catwood

Purrmione Granger

Hairy Pawter*

The Great Catsby*

Lois Meowry

J.K. Meowling

The Cat-cher in the Rye

Purrt Pawnnegut

Franz Catka

Cormeowc McCat-thy

Pawnathan Livingston Seagull

Gregg Purrwitz

Sleepin’ King

Ernest Feline

Scott Whiskerfeld

Charlotte Pawnte

Meow-isa May Alcatt

Purrice Sendak

Hester Purryne

Catnip Everdeen

Shelf Silverstein

Benbook, the Public Lib-kitty


If you’ve got any ideas for library cat monikers and/or, better yet, would like to start a petition to move a cat into BPL, let us know.


*I stole these two from some delightful bookmarks we have at the library.

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