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Waive Goodbye to Fines

As of this past Monday, Benbrook Public Library has officially done away with overdue fines. They’re gone. Wa(i)ve goodbye.

“Surely you lie,” I made you say in order to set me up for a dated pop culture reference.

It ain’t no lie, baby. Bye bye bye.

Through the duration of our summer pilot program period, and possibly forever if things go smoothly, if you return a Benbrook item a few days late, you will no longer be nickled and dimed (or, since our late fees were ten cents per day, just “dimed”); we’ll simply accept the item, and you can save your change for the Columbia House Record Club, or whatever people do with money these days. This applies to all Benbrook items, including DVDs, audiobooks, kits, technology items, and books of all kinds. Please note that should you borrow items from our partner libraries, most of them still charge overdue fines, so beware.

It feels like there should be some horrible catch, right? There is a catch, but we prefer to think of it as a reasonable one: for any items you keep out 30 days beyond their due date(s), you’ll be charged for the replacement cost of the item, and your borrowing privileges will be suspended until either the item is returned or the balance is paid. We certainly hope things don’t come to this, as we don’t want to charge you money; we simply want our stuff back so that others who want it may borrow it. That’s not so crazy, and we’re betting you can dig it. That’s probably already why you were diligent about returning your items on time before; not to avoid some measly fines, but for your neighbors. For your friends. For the children.

Another perk we’re serving up in all of this fine waiving feel goodery is an amnesty for existing fines, meaning any overdue fines you had on your account for Benbrook items will be wiped away (fines for Fort Worth and other partner libraries’ items will remain). If fines were putting a cramp in your library style and keeping you away, feel free to come on back and see us with a clean slate.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know. We understand there may be kinks to work out, but we’re hoping the prevailing reaction is, “Hey Benbrook, waive those fines, waive those fines, you blew our minds, hey Benbrook!”

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