Benbrook Library / Books

Out With the Old Nooks, In With the New

As a fragile human, you’re surely well aware that the ravages of time cannot be escaped. I say this not to bum you out with a reminder of your own mortality, but to point out that technology is also subject to Father Time’s slow, steady march toward the grave (see, everyone and everything’s gonna die, don’t you feel better?). In fact, technology’s demise is accelerated, moreso than other famous rapid agers like dogs. One technology year is probably close to something like 15 human years, possibly more. This would make the Nook eReaders the library began circulating in 2011 around 105 years old, and their current speed, memory, and general temperament seem to indicate that age is pretty accurate.

In order to do right by them and by you (and also because Barnes & Noble is no longer supporting them), we’ve sent our elderly Nook 1st editions to retire in Florida with Jack Klompus and replaced them with spry, young Nook Glowlight 3s. These new readers are faster, easier on the eyes, and more user friendly (you can actually use it by touching the screen, unlike those tease Nook 1st editions, or this éclair). Loaded with over 500 titles, including all current book club books and hot new titles like The President is Missing, The Outsider, and The Death of Mrs. Westaway, checking one out is a savvy way to avoid digitally waiting in line for weeks for best sellers and to enable yourself to carry hundreds of reading options with you without having to lug a wagon full o’ books around.

We have four Nooks loaded with fiction titles. For a list of everything currently available on them, click here. We also have a dedicated non-fiction Nook, and you can see its contents here. For more general details about our available eReaders, click here. Our eReaders are available to all BPL cardholders. Come get one and relish in their shiny newness.

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