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Return of the Lase(r)


The laser engraver is back. While it was never really physically gone, like Burger King’s Mac ‘n’ Cheetos were before making a comeback last year, it was effectively gone, like Mark Morrison was when he had his heart broken. In the engraver’s case, it was an overworked, rundown laser that had it producing at levels of quality that paled in comparison to those of its glory days, much like Wizards-era Michael Jordan or Fuller House-era Bob Saget. Sure, it was still showing up and attempting its job, but what was the point?

Unlike aged basketball stars and washed up actors (at least until our robot overlords fully take over), machines can be fixed up and returned to their primes. With the aid of some new parts, our engraver is partying like it’s 2014 (the year we got it) and is once again engraving like a dream and cutting through wood and acrylic like buttah. If you’ve come in lately wanting to engrave something but were sadly greeted with a non- or barely functioning laser, or if you haven’t yet tried it and want to customize a tumbler, wine glass, cutting board, mirror, magnet, puzzle, or one of a myriad of other possibilities, now’s the best time to do it. The engraver’s back, baby, and it’s dunking from the free throw line again.

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