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Escape From the Library (If You Want)

Being trapped in a room can be a real bummer. Jodie Foster didn’t have such a hot time in Panic Room. Getting stuck in their storm shelter only led to frustration for the Simpsons, and spinning the middle side of a Rubik’s Cube topwise only made things worse. Things got really dramatic for R. Kelly when he was trapped in the closet. When Chandler got trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre…actually, that one turned out just fine.

While being trapped (or listening to Trapt) has long been lame, in recent years, it has been transmogrified into a fun, desirable experience by escape rooms. If escape room fever has…escaped you, the whole deal with them is people voluntarily (and in most cases, pay money to) have themselves locked in a room, and they must solve a series of puzzles in order to find keys and/or codes in order to ultimately unlock the room or something in it in order to “escape” before a time limit is reached. They provide all the thrills of racing the clock, using your big, juicy, chess club brain, and yelling at your friends, and an opportunity to experience one is coming to a library near you (assuming you’re near this library).

On Monday, October 29, BPL is putting on a Halloween-y, literary-themed, absolutely free escape room to get you in the spirit of the spooky season. Team up with friends, family, and/or total (possibly strange) strangers to take on a slew of clues and puzzles inspired by popular horror novels and stories. Solve everything in under 30 minutes and you’ll escape victorious and earn a sweet reward. Fail to escape and we’ll be forced to send in the gremlins,* but the fun you’re sure to have leading up to that point will almost certainly make the ensuing harrowing ordeal worth it.

We’ll start locking folks up at 6 PM and will have times available to play every 45 minutes (6, 6:45, 7:30, and 8:15). To participate, sign your team up for a time slot by calling the library at 817-249-6632. The maximum team size is six people, and those who sign up with fewer than six may be grouped with others. The escape room is intended for adults, and its puzzles, both in terms of complexity and maturity of content, are not intended for children, but parents may bring their kids (preferably 10+) along if they wish.


*Just kidding…probably

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