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Put Non-Scary Cemetery Luminary at the Library on Your Itinerary

A cemetery seems like the perfect place to get your Halloween vibes up to the lofty levels of this guy. However, we totally understand if you’d rather not visit one recreationally. Perhaps you’re a fraidy cat. Or an unsure squirrel. Or a respectful horse. Whatever your particular deal may be, we’re going to help you out by bringing the cemetery to you (figuratively, of course; we don’t possess the skills to physically move things like cemeteries, stadiums, and quarries).

On Friday, October 26 at 6 PM, Texas-based author, photographer, and musician Tui Snider will graciously haunt the library with a presentation on understanding cemetery symbols and their oft-forgotten meanings. It promises to be spine-tinglingly fascinating for genealogists, historians, ghost hunters, curiosity seekers, and general proponents of good times. Tui will have her best-selling book, Understanding Cemetery Symbols, available for interested bibliophiles and may even sign a copy for you if you ask real friendly like. You can learn more about her here.

While there are certainly kids out there who love all things spooktastic, this event is intended for adults, so join us as we bring the graveyard to your backyard for a fun evening. Don’t whistle past it.

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