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It’s the Most Laserful Time of the Year

We’ve finally reached December 1, and that means members of the “it’s too early for Christmas stuff” crowd now officially have no tree stand to..stand on (they have to get off and put their tree on it). Bring on the music, the lights, the movies, the elves, and, in the case of the library, the gift engraving, in bountiful, Santa belly-size portions. The countdown (or doomsday clock, depending on your anxiety levels) to the last engravable day starts now.

There have been a ton of great holiday gifts created with our laser engraver over the years. From customized cutting boards, to personalized puzzles, to tailor-made tumblers, to a myriad of other made-to-order items, we’ve seen and helped y’all make it all. You’ll find using the laser is a simple, free* way to fashion unique gifts for everyone on your nice list (and your naughty list too; “You’re a jerk” looks just exquisite on a shiny new Yeti). You’ll also find that many others in the community (and surrounding communities) have found that, too. For this reason, we’re putting out a friendly PSA to get your holiday engraving done ASAP as possible. The later you wait, the greater the chance you’ll have to contend with lines to rival those to see Santa at the mall on Christmas Eve. Don’t end up like this kid.

Our resident MakerSpace virtuoso, James, crafted the helpful (and adorable) sign pictured above to remind you how much time you have left to get all of your holiday making done. Counting today, you’ve got 22 days until the library closes up for Christmas. Since we’re closed on Sundays, you really have 19 days on which the MakerSpace is actually available to you. As of right now, the laser is available on a first come, first served basis, but if things get nutty as the days start to dwindle, we may temporarily switch over to a ticketing system. I’ll kindly reiterate that things will be much jollier for you and yours if you get in now. You don’t want to be one of those lame-os handing out gifts a week after Christmas.


*Using the laser is completely free if you bring in your own items/materials to engrave. It only costs money if you buy our stock, or if you engrave on stainless steel, which is $1 per side of a tumbler.

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