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Do New Year’s Eve the Library Way

2019 is coming for you, Neeson style. It will look for you, it will find you, and it will…well, hopefully not kill you. But it’s gonna getcha. Despite how unnecessarily scary I’ve made the New Year sound, it’s generally a cause for celebration. But how to celebrate? You could get all gussied up and put a severe strain on your wallet and your tolerance for intolerable people at an overstuffed bar/saloon/partyin’ place. Or, you could save yourself some cents and sanity and come out to the undisputed* premier low-key celebration destination: the library.

For those who like the sound of swapping fiscal frustration for free stuff, distressing downtown driving for dice rolling, lame hordes for games comma board, and champagne for cider, our New Year’s Eve Game Night is the event for you. It’s like our regular Game Night program, but with a serious confetti injection; it’s twice as long, there’s extra food, and the place is festooned with shimmery doodads and baubles for maximum festiveness. For those unfamiliar with how we get down at Game Night, here’s how it works: We put out a whole slew of board games for all ages (including giant versions of Jenga, Connect 4, and checkers) for you and your friends, family, and agreeable strangers to enjoy. You’re also welcome to bring in your favorites from home. You’re sure to work up an appetite while dice rollin’, card drawin’, and domino slingin’ your way to an entertaining evening, which is why we make Game Night a potluck affair. You’re not required to bring food to attend, but it is encouraged, and the library and gamers in attendance sure do appreciate any contributed snackage.

We put the “New Year’s Eve” in New Year’s Eve Game Night with music (recorded, not live), door prizes, party favors, sparkling cider (sorry, that’s as strong as drinks get ‘round here), and TV countdown viewings. If you think a good game of Ticket to Ride or Apples to Apples sounds more fun than a long, loud night in an overcrowded bar, or you need a wholesome place to celebrate the occasion with your family, or you just want the thrill of getting out the house without the annoyance of dealing with long drives, traffic, complicated parking, and droves of overly socially lubricated people, this is the shindig for you.

The gaming begins at 8 PM Monday (12/31) night and will roll on through the New Year and wrap up around 12:15 AM Tuesday morning. Resolve to be here.


*Undisputed, because in order to dispute it, someone would have had to first consider it.

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