Benbrook Library

Plan(ner) for Success in 2019

With a new year comes new/renewed commitment to becoming a better you than the you ended up being after committing to being a better you the previous new year, and that type of commitment typically comes with lots of stuff to do (or at least a lot of stuff to commit to do). You could be like me and leave all of your intentions and planned activities floating lazily around in the accountability-free confines of your own mind, bouncing off all the piles of nonsense strewn about. Alternatively, you could do something constructive and actually, like, plan your plans concretely in some type of planning device. We recommend a planner. Once you make the plans and acquire something to write them in, there’s a potentially daunting third step: organization. Before you throw your planner out the window in horror and attempt to run back in time to the sweet familiarity of 2018, allow us to help you out.

On Tuesday, January 15 at 6:30 PM, we’re holding a planner organization session to help you design and refine your precious information hub. We’ll provide tips and tricks to best maximize your planner’s potential, as well as a variety of supplies–including pens, decals, and washi tapes–to make your planner pop. All you need to bring is your own 2019 planner of choice and any scheduling notes and special decorations you may fancy.

We can’t make you follow through on your plans, but we can help you make them look so beautiful and achievable on the printed page that putting them into action hopefully becomes a bit easier.


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