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A Mysterious Survey of Mystery

If somebody requests that you to do something “no questions asked,” you should rightfully be a little wary. “What’s the deal with that?” you might say, and will already have failed, because that’s a question, Askin’ Kutcher. It can be a suspicious, curiosity-nagging arrangement, but we sometimes agree to such mystery-shrouded terms for those we really care about. Or for those who are paying us.

While we’re not going to CTC*, we’re hoping you’re fond enough of the library to do us a no questions asked-type favor. Humorously (or perhaps annoyingly), our no questions asked favor involves us asking you questions. That’s right: We want to do all the question asking and do no question answering in return. A bit selfish, innit? I assure you, it’s all for pure, fun reasons, and it will only take a couple of minutes of your precious time.

The following link is to a short, eleven question survey about books and other library-related things:

Your answers, and the answers of your family, friends, coworkers, and any other library-usin’ people in your life you’d care to share the survey link with, would be most appreciated and helpful. I don’t want to reveal exactly for what the results will be used yet, but let’s just say we’re curious to see what the survey says. While we’re not quite your family, we’re hoping we can count on you. Otherwise, we might have to have a f…racas. A fracas, yeah.


*For those of you who aren’t 2000s-era NBA fans, “CTC” is a term used by the highly entertaining Rasheed Wallace that means “cut the check.”

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