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Wish They All Could Be California Book Lovers

Last week, I took a trip to the City of Angels. While there, I didn’t intentionally seek out book-related stuff (except for that one time I very intentionally went to a library), but book-related stuff found me nonetheless. Here’s some book talk I experienced while there:


Book Talk Incident #1

Setting: The Comedy Store

Talker: Stand-up comedian

The Talk (paraphrased): “…he was one of those people that tells you what books he’s reading. Who #@%&*@% cares?”

My Reaction: Yikes emoji


Book Talk Incident #2

Setting: Venice Beach

Talker: Dude leaning against his car

The Talk (paraphrased, dude talking to his friend in a stereotypical surfer voice): “Man, this book I’m listening to is so fascinating.”

My Reaction: Heart eyes emoji


My conclusion, other than California is a land of contrast, is that book love is out there amid the anti-intellectual book haters, and we should all strive to be the surfer dude over the comedian (at least when it comes to the book sentiments of these particular individuals; generally, they’re both fine, viable careers).

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