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Reality Bites, Go Virtual

Reality, as our friends Winona and Ethan so deftly demonstrated, bites. You want to vacation in a tropical paradise, but you can’t afford it. You want to swim with sharks, but you’re too edible. You want to ride a roller coaster with dinosaurs, but those coward scientists won’t let Jurassic Park (or Billy and the Cloneasaurus) happen in real life. Like Rob Thomas, you may want the real world to just quit hassling you, and lucky for you, BPL’s got something better than the crummy, dinosaur-less reality in which you were heretofore trapped: virtual reality.

In addition to all the mighty, world-altering power it already wielded, your library card now grants you access to Oculus Go virtual reality headsets. Besides making you look super cool, the Oculi come preloaded with fifteen apps that will immerse you in a stimulating smorgasbord of virtual experiences, including visiting exotic and/or historically important locales, cavorting with ocean life, roller coasting with dinos, braving a haunted house, blasting undead hordes in the Old West, and many others. Adult library cardholders may check out a VR headset from the library’s Information Desk and enjoy it anywhere in the library your flailing limbs and irrepressible squeals of awe won’t be a distraction to our reality-anchored visitors (most of the experiences may be done sitting down, so finding a good spot shouldn’t be difficult). It’s cool to let your children use a headset, but please keep in mind Oculus recommends their product not be used by anyone under the age of 13.

For a full breakdown of our VR headset borrowing rules and conditions, click here.

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