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Online Conference Room Booking Now Available

As you hopefully already knew, library conference rooms are freely available to you for your small meeting, private studying, and/or quiet place sitting needs. If you didn’t know, now ya do, and you’re about to know something else (you’re so lucky): you can now make conference room reservations online, from the comfort (or discomfort, whatever you’ve got going on) of your own home, workplace, the parking lot of Buffalo Wild Wings, or any of your other Internet accessing environs of choice.

All it takes is clicking the blue “Schedule a Meeting Room” button on the homepage of our website (which is also spankin’ new and improved!), and you can specify which conference room you’d like at which particular date and time. Provide the requested information, submit your request, and it’ll be sent to library staff for approval. Then you’re done; you’ve successfully secured a space for yourself without having to talk to a human or play the always-dangerous game of waiting until the day you need it and walking into the library with your fingers crossed.

Please note that conference rooms may be booked no more than 48 hours in advance and for no more than 2 hours at a time, and are limited to one use per user per day.  Through the “Schedule a Meeting Room” feature on the library’s website, you may also put in a request to reserve the library’s large meeting room, which accommodates up to 100 people, features a projection system, and may be used for non-profit, non-commercial functions.

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