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Avoiding Spoilers on an Internet That is Dark and Full of Them

As much as we love the Internet for its bountiful supply of useful information, soothing animal content, and general time-wasting enabling, lately, especially for fans of Game of Thrones and the Marvel Cinematic Universe who are tardy to their respective new content parties, it’s been a cruel, dangerous heckscape. Every time you fire up a browser or, especially, compulsively check your social media app(s) of choice, you risk getting slapped in the face with spoilers. Particularly when it comes to Game of Thrones, many people aren’t even trying to avoid spoiling things for those who weren’t able to watch immediately. Some of these Tormand Giantlames are straight up putting spoilers in their article titles and descriptions. What’s the fashionably late pop culture consumer to do?

A cord-cutting media blackout of Swansonian proportions is definitely the safest route, but obviously not the most realistic or appealing option. Fortunately, there are some helpful, though not 100% effective, steps you can take to protect yourself in your quest to ensure an unsullied eventual viewing experience. I’ve rounded up some articles with spoiler-spoiling tips and tricks for various digital tools and services:

Avoiding spoilers on Facebook and Twitter

Avoiding spoilers on Instagram

Avoiding spoilers on web browsers and YouTube

Considering trying some of these measures to help you turn spoilers to dust, though beware that they have not all been tested by BPL staff, and we can’t guarantee results. Nevertheless, just as we support your information finding needs, we also support your information avoidance needs. Here’s hoping when it comes to blockbuster movies and TV, you know nothing, Jon Snow…until you want to know it.

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