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Book-Related Baby Names

After the airing of the second-to-last episode of Game of Thrones a couple weeks ago, word on the Internet had it that some parents who had named their recently-born kids after a certain character on the show weren’t feeling so…hot about their decision after certain heinous events transpired. This got me thinking 1) it’s a bold, gutsy move to name your child after someone/something that is still living/progressing through their character arc (parents who named their kids “O.J.” or “Enron” can attest to this), and 2) what are the best literary names to bestow upon your offspring?

The following list is a very loose ranking of ten book-related baby names I think are worth considering. Uniqueness and likelihood of instant recognition of the literary connection were big factors in my choices, as were my own biases (recency and otherwise).

Mild warning: While this list doesn’t contain any explicit Game of Thrones spoilers, some GoT characters do appear, and you may be led to very generic conclusions about them and their character arcs by virtue of their very inclusion. This warning is likely unnecessary, but I don’t want to accidentally spoil anything, even vaguely, for anyone.


10. Mercutio – This one is more about how it sounds than a love of Shakespeare. Can be shortened to “Merc” or “Kyoosh,” which is neat.

9. Darcy – If you love Pride and Prejudice and the Smashing Pumpkins, go with the “D’arcy” spelling.

8. D’Artagnan – Speaking of weirdly placed apostrophes, this name evokes both The Three Musketeers and everybody’s favorite Demodog from Stranger Things.

7. Scout – Give this name to your unique bundle of joy and be their guiding Atticus (which is a pretty sweet name in its own right).

6. Ender – A perfect name for a scrappy li’l genius.

5. Katniss – Go with this kick-butt name and the odds will ever be in your child’s favor.

4. Hermione – A brilliant choice for a namesake, though they will have to endure a lifetime of butchering of their name, both written and spoken.

3. Holden – If you don’t want raise a lousy phony, give ‘em this name.

2. Tyrion – My personal GoT favorite, you may not want your child to partake in all of his favorite activities, but will undoubtedly be glad if they share his curiosity, wit, and good heart.

1. Arya – The most kick-butt name of them all, we’re likely to soon see a bunch of them start appearing in nurseries and on playgrounds throughout the land. If a parent has no name…in mind, consider bestowing this one.


I’m sure I’ve made many egregious omissions, so feel free to let me have it.

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