Benbrook Library / Library services

If You Wanna Go Fast (Online), Come to the Library

Aside from playing stupid, time-wasting Flash games, my most vivid early memories of the Internet involve a lot of waiting. Waiting for the static-y, digital donkey-sounding tones of dial-up to finish serenading me so I would finally be connected to AOL. Waiting half a day for a bootleg live blink-182 album to download on Napster. Waiting a full day for the Buddy Holly music video to download on Morpheus. Waiting is rarely fun (it is, after all, the hardest part), but, like rewinding VHS tapes and Carson Daly, it was just something we had to live with during those times.

Fast forward 20+ years, and we now wait for nothing, and if we don’t want to live with it, we avoid it or relentlessly complain about it. This is especially true of the Internet…mostly. While we can’t avoid it’s envelopment of seemingly all aspects of our lives, we most certainly can and do complain about it, particularly if it makes us wait. If it takes more than a few seconds for our e-mail to load or for a program to open, we’re outraged and ready to demand to speak to the Internet’s proverbial manager. It’s a tough life.

Thankfully, that hard knock life has gotten a little easier at BPL. We recently upgraded to fiber-optic Internet and are now boasting download speeds of 251 Mbps and upload speeds of 257 Mbps, which is significantly faster than our old cable Internet and light-years faster than we could have fathomed in the dial-up days. Anyone using our in-house computers or connecting to our free Wi-Fi will get to experience the joys of blazing around the ‘net at Ricky Bobby-esque speeds. Enjoy, and wait no more.

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