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¡Que Magnifico! Take Spanish Conversation Classes at the Library

Like many Texans, I took Spanish in high school and college. And, like most of those people, I’ve forgotten grande1 chunks of what I learned. I’ve still got a decent handle on the words for various school supplies, but unless I aim to be the world’s most boring/oddly niche Spanish conversationalist, mochila2 and boligrafo3 talk will only get me so far.

So why do hours and hours of Spanish instruction seem to have fallen out of my and other would-be bilinguists cabezas4? The answer is one that would frustrate both Malcolm Gladwell and Allen Iverson, for different reasons: lack of practice. When learning a language, the “use it or lose it” maxim is especially applicable. You’ve gotta put all that Spanish knowledge into actual practice by writing and speaking it. The latter can be especially tricky, as practice buddies aren’t always readily available (talking back to Dora the Explorer doesn’t count).

Hakuna matata5, mis amigos6: The library has your back. We’re pleased to announce an upcoming series of Spanish conversation classes. Whether you’re looking to hone your rusty conversational skills, prepare for a trip, supplement your language learning regimen, or show those smug multilingual people in, like, every other part of the world that you, too, can be a versatile linguist, come practice and improve your Spanish at free beginner/intermediate level, conversation-based classes for adults. The classes meet every second and fourth Wednesday of the month from September 11 through November 27 at 6:30 PM. No sign up is required.

Here’s a schedule of topics for the classes:

September 11 – Getting to Know You: Age, Family, Job, Education, Living Situation, Pets

September 25 – Life Where You Live: Culture, Food, Religion, Holidays, Popular Pastimes

October 9 – Society, Government, and Current Events: Economics, Healthcare, Schooling, News Outlets

October 23 – Geography / Travel & Transportation: Weather, City Layout, Vacations, Destinations, Modes of Transport

November 13 – Lifestyle: Home Layout, Daily Schedule, Shopping

November 27 – Hobbies and Entertainment: Sports, Music, Art, Games, Movies, TV, Books


1: Big

2: Backpack

3: Pen

4: Heads

5: It means no worries for the rest of your days (not Spanish, but still highly useful and important)

6: My friends

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