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A Coveted Combo: Get a Chromebook and a Hotspot Bundled Together at the Library

A very astute man once pointed out that “2 in 1” is a…ahem…bogus term, as 1 cannot hold 2; that’s why 2 was created. It’s hard to argue with that impeccable logic, but at BPL, we’ve been in the lab, feverishly attempting to concoct a way to overcome the reasonable-yet-constricting laws of oneness. After multiple wacky misadventures with cramming/stapling/sewing things together, the solution was ultimately delightfully simple: get one bag big enough for two things.

Maybe that’s cheating the 2 in 1 spirit a bit, but when the end result is you getting a nifty two things in a container for one, we’re hoping you’ll forgive us. From the library that brought you check out-able laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots now comes an equally check out-able combo even tastier than these and sicker than this: a Chromebook/hotspot combo. Check out one of these babies and you’ll instantly have everything you need to surf the Internet on the go. No more checking out one without the other and having to wait; take everything home at once, connect the Chromebook to the hotspot’s network, and enjoy.

The Chromebook/hotspot combos are available to BPL cardholders 18 or older. They check out for three weeks, and one renewal is available pending holds by other patrons. To place one on hold, click here, or call the library at 817-249-6632. To view the full policy on our circulating technology, click here.

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