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Forget the Lobby, Let’s All Go to the Library

A recent Gallup poll revealed something that was surely shocking to many and less shocking, but admittedly still a little shocking, to a library type like me: In 2019, the average American visited the library 10.5 times, which was nearly twice as many times as they went to a movie theater (5.3). Take that, movie house! If this poll result has you exclaiming “inconceivable!”*, allow me to take a break from celebrating my people’s momentous victory to break down why even when it comes specifically to movies, the thing you’d assume movie theaters would do best, libraries still take the popcorn:

Library Movie Theater
Movie Having-ness Has movies Has movies
Movie Quantities Hundreds of movies available at any given time A dozen or so movies available at any given time
Cost Free Like $10 or something crazy per movie
Movie Portability Can take movies anywhere Have to watch in specific big dark room with strangers
Dress Code In library – casual wear, pants required

If movies taken home – extremely casual wear, pants optional

Casual wear, pantslessness always frowned upon (i.e., illegal)
Snack Situation In library – super cheap snacks available in vending machine, can bring other snacks from home

If movies taken home – endless smorgasbord possibilities

Super overpriced snacks, bringing food from home frowned upon (i.e., a kick-outable offense)



*You might be scoffing at my decision to use a movie reference in my post celebrating libraries’ triumph over movies, but not so fast, Nick Scofferman; The Princess Bride was originally…(*dramatic chimpunk music*)…a book!

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