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Don’t Believe Your Eyes With Blind Date With a Book

Your eyes can get you in trouble. They tell you that the sweeeet-looking-yet-health-hampering cheesecake is worth eating. That the garbage movie with the cool trailer is worth seeing. That the really, really, ridiculously good looking hunk with whom you have nothing in common is worth dating.

And, in the case of books, your eyes can get mesmerized by a flashy cover and bamboozle your brain into picking it over other books that may be just as good (or even much better) but happen to have covers that are less visually sizzlin’. How is that fair? Do the less sexy books of the ‘brary not deserve love? Are you gonna let those rod and cone-filled squishy orbs in your face boss you around?

For those that just can’t help but be swayed by eye candy, the library’s sixth annual Blind Date With a Book display is here to help you take looks out of the equation when making your reading choices. We’ve rounded up an exciting array of eligible book bachelors and bachelorettes and concealed their identities with wrapping paper, so you literally can’t judge these books by their covers; your selections must be made purely on the perceived merits of each book’s dating profile, which contains its age, appearance, hometown, interests, turnoffs, a statement about what the two of you will share together, and a succinct summation of its character. Here are a couple of examples:

Once you find a promising suitor (or several; playing the literary field is encouraged) you’d like to take a-courtin’, check it out, take it home, unwrap it, and enjoy some quality time with your page-y paramour. Hopefully, you’ll fall head over heels for the content on the inside. If it turns out the cover also isn’t too hard on the old peepers, well, that’s just gravy.

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