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Avoiding Spoilers on an Internet That is Dark and Full of Them

As much as we love the Internet for its bountiful supply of useful information, soothing animal content, and general time-wasting enabling, lately, especially for fans of Game of Thrones and the Marvel Cinematic Universe who are tardy to their respective new content parties, it’s been a cruel, dangerous heckscape. Every time you fire up a … Continue reading

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Use Your Library Card to Take Technology Home

If you’ve watched TV lately, you’ve probably caught a series of commercials in which a family is comically struggling to survive without access to the internet. While the commercials’ solution to an internet-less existence is to buy their product, BPL is offering a better, free-er means of bringing the internet to you. We’re proud to … Continue reading

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Don’t Believe Everything That You Kinda Read as You Scroll

Your Facebook newsfeed: home of misleadingly flattering status updates, babies sporting clothing displaying how many months they’ve been alive, food that is apparently too remarkable to eat without first creating a photographic record of its existence, cute animal videos, pithy political memes, 31 BuzzFeed Lists You’ll Allow to Steal Five Minutes of Your Life Despite … Continue reading