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Getting an Image From Screen to Paper: There’s a Better Way

Last week, a library patron showed me something new in attempted technological ingenuity when she tried to make a photocopy of her phone screen. Before you make fun, consider 1) putting something you’d like a copy of into a machine that makes copies isn’t the craziest thing and 2) there are way dumber things to … Continue reading

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Use Your Library Card to Take Technology Home

If you’ve watched TV lately, you’ve probably caught a series of commercials in which a family is comically struggling to survive without access to the internet. While the commercials’ solution to an internet-less existence is to buy their product, BPL is offering a better, free-er means of bringing the internet to you. We’re proud to … Continue reading

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App-vancements: The Library’s App Gets an Upgrade

As slaves to our phones, we all know there’s an app for pretty much everything. From the standard ones almost everyone has, like Facebook, Instagram, Shazam, Pandora, and Simpsons Trivia (what, just me?), to the weird ones that likely more people have than you’d think, like CuddleBids (helps you find people near you who are … Continue reading

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Crotchety Old Man Rant About Smart Phones By a Young-ish Man

In many ways, I hate smart phones. They’re time suckers. They offer constant temptation for distraction. They’re largely used in the name of staying socially connected, but they too often lead their users to mentally check out of social situations that are happening right in front of their faces (well, behind the phones that are … Continue reading